"we would like to transmit old knowledge to new generations so that they can be aware of our origins and pass them on to train men and women of the future" (Paola Pirisi).

The Pirisi family has always been linked to the agricultural and pastoral tradition and would like to bring the youngest generation to the rediscovery of manual activities that in the past were the base of the domestic economy.

Workshops for children, teachers, educators and families, have the purpose to tell about a past made of authentic traditions and flavors handed down from father to son.

The educational farm is an experiential moment in which children can experience the atmosphere of community and solidarity that characterized the countries of the past.

Children will relive ancient times when men were strictly linked to their farms and when land and its fruits were basic for their lives.

Children will learn that behind bread, pasta, desserts and cheese there is a hard and passionate work done by expert and skilled hands.

They will dress the clothes of tireless housewives and proud shepherds, will relive past times and will deal with all the activities (simple but genuine, made of commitment and sacrifice but also of great satisfaction) that were at the base of the family economy.

Participants will assist to transformation that leads raw materials such as wheat and milk to the finished product, simply using hands and a few tools.

Through practice, all participants will feel involved in a process of cultural and individual growth, in which they will become aware of Sardinian cooking historical roots.


Participants of all ages who would like cooking dishes of the Sardinian tradition will deal with precious ingredients such as the rediscovery of traditions, love for Sardinian land and ancient knowledge lost in the mists of times and jealously guarded until today.

Through Paola's expert advice, it will be possible to discover many small secrets useful to make bread, pasta and typical sweets.

Paola will guide you through an exciting journey while telling you passionate stories about the agro pastoral world.

To us food is culture: culture of healthy eating, good food and popular wisdom. Through food you can get to know and learn about the history of a population.

The processing and transformation of raw materials will bring the participants of the course back in time to relive the life of a community where every opportunity was good to meet, exchange experiences, and produce by themselves everything they needed.

This isn’t a cooking course but an emotional journey to the rediscovery of our origins, aromas and authentic flavors, in which everyone will have the opportunity to test their skills to get to the final product with satisfaction.

The course is aimed at all those who are Sardinians and want to retrace moments of their family history but is also recommended to all those who want to deepen and learn another aspect of the culture of wonderful Sardinian land.

The course will answer to the many questions and curiosities about our precious culinary heritage, because "cooking is an art".


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